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My grandpa has had both knees replaced and a hip but insisted in getting in the floor to play with Atlas. And he asked if he could “wear him in that wrap around thing” tomorrow..meaning the Ergo. Hahaha. ❤️ (at Grandparents house (WV) 🏡)

Okay so I steamed three little fry sized slices of organic sweet potato and Atlas dug right in!! He’s loving it!!
And I’m having leftover sweet potato mac and a tomato sandwich! (at home🌻)

I think I’m gonna officially start giving Atlas food. He’s 5 1/2 months, has two teeth and has been sitting up for almost a month now. He’s always grabbing for food and I let him try avocado and banana and he went nuts over it!! I think I’ve skipped over the whole baby food thing and now he can basically feed himself! Let the fun begin. 😅 #BLW (at home🌻)

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