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I’d be a liar if I said becoming a mom was easy for me. I hate admitting that I get frustrated some times. Or that some days I feel I’ve failed somehow. He tests my patience everyday. Sometimes I don’t know what to do to help him when he’s upset. Or blame it something like saying he’s a high needs baby. Last night I even pondered what I did wrong…ya know I tried to everything the best I could. Natural birth. Eating well during pregnancy. Breast feeding. Blah blah… But I realized that it’s not him, it’s me. I’m the one stressing. I’m the one making these situations worse. If I call him high needs then that’s what he becomes. Today I’ve really got down and played with him a lot. We napped together, played together, went to the library, went grocery shopping… And it’s been such a great day. He’s so sweet and so smart. I look into his eyes and see such a perfect and beautiful soul. I absolutely wouldn’t change a thing about him. He just needs challenged. He likes to be entertained. He wants to be near me all the time. I need to embrace that. And I do embrace it. I love my son more than I could possibly express. I’d do anything for him. He’s magical, wise and attentive. I’m blessed. ✨❤️ (at home🌻)

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