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Okay one more post for today… It’s been a really good day. I’ve got to sit down and eat dinner at the table with my family two evenings in a row and that makes me really happy. This evening we had marinated portobello steaks, quinoa/vegetable casserole, and a salad of romaine and baby kale with ranch dressing. Tried something new and it was really good! 💋👍✨

How many pictures can I take of green beans? Lol…

But anyways, these are beans from my grandpas garden in WV that he brought me a couple days ago. We prepped them and are freezing them in our brand new awesome deep freeze! That way we can have yummy fresh green beans during this winter. 😌❤️👍 (at home🌻)

Mostly from my grandpas garden in WV. Homemade sour cream & garlic mashed potatoes topped with chives, corn on the cob, fresh red tomato, boiled green beans and onions and @gardein turk’y cutlets with gravy! Oh and of course green onions from our herb garden. DELICIOUS. 🌽🍅💙 (at home🌻)

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