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Introducing…. Atlas’s first tooth! Not all the way grown in obviously but it’s there! And it’s making him so grumpy! Looks like the other front tooth isn’t far behind! 😱 (at home🌻)

Dinner by @thiswizard1134 and I!

Brown sugar cinnamon tri-colored carrots, grilled squash (tossed in season salt, turmeric and olive oil), & Panko fried @gardein ‘s chickn scaloppini with a drizzle of sirracha and topped with green onions cause they are growin like crazy! Anyways, this was awesome! 😌 (at home🌻)

Lots his pants! Hehe.

We had loads of fun at the CHOICE picnic & silent auction. So many beautiful families all with babies assisted by the midwives from CHOICE. ❤️ (at CHOICE - Center for Humane Options in Childbirth Experiences)

🌻good morning!🌻

This was going to be a picture of him sleeping but he woke up right before I took it! We didn’t sleep so well. I’m gonna blame that on his tooth. It has officially broke through and it’s a sharp little sucker! So after we woke up in bed I put some clove oil on it and we came down and fell asleep on the couch. ❤️ he’s such a cuddle bug. ❤️ (at home🌻)

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