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More wedding pictures. I really did love my wedding. It was nothing extravagant. We made everything ourselves, even the food. And by we I mean my grandma, a couple other family/friends and myself. A friend of mine took the photos. A lot of the decorations were recycled and friends did my hair and makeup too! Simplicity is wonderful. I feel like people get caught up in these elaborate wedding plans and cause themselves much stress. Of course I had a couple stressful moments.. But I was pregnant and emotional about my hair, lol! Anyways…. All I’ve ever really wanted was a nice simple life and I’m happy to have a partner who feels the same way. ❤️

We went out for brunch somewhere we’ve never been before. We went to @theangrybakerote 😌 I got this: vegan seitan sausage, cheesy grits, tomato sauce and soy deviled “eggs” with scallions.
I basically ordered it because I had to try the eggs lol. It was all really good- especially the sausage. I’d definitely eat there again. 👌❤️ (at The Angry Baker)

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